Compliance and Business Ethics

The Circular Rubber Platform (CRP) is an independent platform that brings together companies in the rubber industry that are taking a proactive approach to sustainability by showcasing their sustainable rubber raw materials (bio-based and recycled) or services for recycling or reuse. It also organizes physical events to bring together engineers and solutions for sustainable rubber materials.

Our participants are positive, proactive, curious, enthusiastic and willing to make a sustainable investment in each other and our shared circular journey. What unites us all is our ambition to work together to create a better world for tomorrow.

CRP is a place for networking, knowledge sharing and marketing. It is not a place to sell products or services. Detailed pricing information should not be shared on the platform or during meetings with members. New connections may lead to the formation of consortia for specific projects. For example, a recycling consortium may consist of suppliers, rubber compounders, waste management companies, research institutes, and consultants. These types of consortia may be launched from CRP, but once launched, they operate independently of CRP.

All interactions at CRP must comply with EU competition rules. It is forbidden to discuss or make agreements between members that restrict competition. In short, the following basic "DON'Ts" should always be kept in mind by company managers and employees when dealing with competitors:

  • DO NOT fix purchase or selling prices or other terms of trade;
  • DO NOT restrict production, markets, technical development or investment;
  • DO NOT divide markets or sources of supply;
  • DO NOT exchange individualized information about intended future prices or quantities or other strategic information.
  • DO NOT share confidential information about CRP, as this information will be publicly available.

Member meetings are held several times a year. These meetings are recorded and available to all members. Since there is no strict screening of engineering members, the information shared during member meetings should be considered public.

The CRP is located in the Netherlands and therefore Dutch rules apply first. In the event of a dispute, a Dutch court will have jurisdiction. CRP operates globally and therefore we want to comply with all relevant laws in the countries of our members. If a member becomes aware of a violation of local law, the member is urged to report this immediately to the management of CRP so that we can take appropriate action.

Members who do not follow these rules will be asked to change their behavior. If the member does not respond immediately with appropriate action, the membership will be terminated immediately without refund of paid fees. All logos and information of this member will be deleted from CRP.