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Adpol Advanced Polymers

Adpol (advanced Polymers Ltd) is the first and only company to be able to mechanically Recycle Silicone Rubber into Silicrumb®, which can be used to manufacture other Silicone Rubber products with similar technical properties.

Currently there are few recycling routes for Silicone Rubber, and it is destined for landfill where it could take hundreds or thousands of years to break down. Adpol wanted to change that, and embarked on a project over 4 years ago, starting with their own waste to make a change. By blending with virgin, or scrap base the content of recycled material used will be between 40% and 100% giving a Co2 saving of between 3-6kg per kg of Silicrumb used.

Hardness, tear strength, temperature resistance, and colour are all factors that can be varied with different formulations of Silicrumb®, and some striking granite effects can be achieved with coarse, mix colour blends. Recently launched is a Silicrumb®  FR  (Flame Retardant) blend which has passed tests for Aircraft Interior usage.

Extruded tube, profiles and sheet, moulded parts, cut and joined O Ring or picture frame gaskets, and cut flat gaskets can all be manufactured. Customers buying Silicrumb can return them at end of life to be recycled again.

Currently Adpol is overwhelmed by people offering their Silicone waste to us.  Until demand picks up we can only accept waste if the equivalent in weight of grind in Silicrumb® is purchased back as product.  We are happy to work with you to find opportunities to use your waste, which in turn gives a strong PR and marketing opportunity for you