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B4Plastics is a Biopolymer Architecture Company, catalyzing the introduction of novel biomaterials and growing them from niche to bulk applications. In our R&D center, we design and scale biomaterials to give a specific application the best balance between function, ecology and cost.

We focus on the design and development of unique and bio-based building blocks (B4) and implement them into polymeric materials in order to achieve high-performance biomaterials. These are specifically designed towards an adequate end-of-life (non-persistent, biodegradable and/or recyclable) for the specific product application.

So far, B4Plastics has created 4 different Technology Platforms:

  • RubberPlastics with RUBRAN®
  • FortePlastics
  • TriggerPlastics
  • LowEnergyPlastics
We enlarge the B4P bioplastics lists with unique backbones and search for the most advanced ecological solution for plastic materials. RUBRAN® is a flexible TPE material from these technology platforms.

Read more about RUBRAN® here:

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