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KUORI Materials

KUORI Materials started in 2022, and we’re an innovative Swiss Cleantech company committed to transitioning to a post-oil economy by transforming consumer plastics through a circular economy approach.

We take food by products – such as olive pits, banana peels, and walnut shells – to make novel bio-based, biodegradable, and elastic materials that are kind to our earth and have a patent pending.

External, scientifically based life-cycle assessments have shown that our materials are 5 times more eco-friendly than regular plastics. They’re not just high performing, but they also break down microplastics, cutting them down by 10% every month under natural conditions outside of a composting facility, specifically at 20°C in soil – we’re the first to do this, with the hard facts to cheer about. Furthermore, they safely break down in industrial composting places, meeting EN 13432 standards, which helps reduce our environmental impact and makes the earth cooler and oceans cleaner.

We sell these granular materials to other companies that produce everything from shoes to camping gear and from tools to toys. Our eco-friendly alternatives are designed to perform efficiently while seamlessly fitting into existing manufacturing processes, but also protect our earth.

Backed by the European Union’s Horizon program and crowned with the Renewable Material of the Year Award 2023, KUORI isn’t your regular company – we’re leading a big change. Our team comes from all over, and we all want the same thing: a greener future.