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Lencon Engineering

Lencon Engineering provides high-quality support in the field of engineering and product development. Flexibility and technical knowledge are central to this.

Are you looking for a partner who can completely unburden you in the area of product realization? A partner that helps you develop a new product? Then you have come to the right place at Lencon in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. We design, develop, assemble and deliver products to start-ups up to multinationals. We also deploy our engineers to support projects at your location.

We at Lencon believe in creating technological progress through product realization. This not only keeps our customers one step ahead of the competition, but also develops products that make sense.

By working with us, we accelerate your process of technology advancement and product development. With our own integrated design process, we know how to provide focus and direction so that together we achieve breakthrough solutions and progressive products.

We are a team of experienced multidisciplinary designers and engineers with broad experience in product realization for various industries. Do you have a challenging issue? Would you like to be completely unburdened? Then contact us today.