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Mathe Group

Mathe Group (Pty) Ltd, a distinguished South African company, excels in producing superior rubber crumb and powder, servicing a diverse, global market. Their innovative product range is particularly influential in enhancing world-class sports fields throughout Africa. The company specializes in a variety of unique solutions for the built environment and road construction. This includes rubber crumb for the bitumen-asphalt industry, high-quality acoustic rubber underlays, which are vital for sound insulation in various constructions. They also offer adhesive-free magnetically receptive underlays, providing versatile flooring solutions that are both efficient and easy to install.

Their shock pads, or elastic layers, are crucial for sports and recreational surfaces, ensuring safety and comfort. Additionally, Mathe Group’s rubber flooring products stand out for their durability and aesthetic appeal, suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications including gyms, play areas and multipurpose sports activities. The company’s rubber crumb is also utilised in the manufacture of specialised coatings and paints, catering to numerous industrial needs with their durability and protective qualities.

Leading the way in waste tyre recycling, Mathe Group is a significant contributor to environmental sustainability in Southern Africa. Their advanced recycling process comprehensively transforms post-consumer and industrial truck tyres into valuable materials, thereby reducing environmental impact and setting industry standards for sustainability.

Mathe Group’s commitment to quality is evident in every product, ensuring they meet the highest standards of excellence. Their business practices are grounded in integrity, transparency, and ethical values. The company is dedicated to sustainable practices, continuously working to reduce their environmental footprint. Furthermore, their engagement with communities and stakeholders reflects a deep sense of responsibility, underlining their commitment to social and environmental betterment.