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Rubber Heart

Rubber Heart is a dynamic marketing, communications, PR, events and recruitment agency serving the rubber industry and its suppliers. Offering practical, cost-effective marketing support to businesses and organizations of any size, it also has decades of experience in the technical aspects crucial to this sector.

Rubber Heart is also the European Representative for Rubber Division, ACS, a first in its 115-year history. They share its mission to educate, connect and grow the evolving global elastomer community through educational, technical, business and networking activities, while advocating for the industry’s future and inspiring the next generation to pursue careers in rubber.

Incorporating circular materials into this sector is a key focus area for Rubber Heart, as it supports its partners and clients in adapting to the world’s growing demand for greener products. Rubber Heart can also offer independent testing and development services through its laboratory partner, ACE Laboratories, which supports its global customers with innovations in sustainable materials and production processes.