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Tyromer Europe Production B.V.

Tyromer, started as Tyromer Inc., is a company established in 2009 by the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, to commercialize a rubber devulcanization technology invented by professor Costas Tzoganakis of the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Tyromer uses a strategy of open innovation and collaboration to address the global nature of scrap tires. We understand the need to work closely with industry leaders, to learn from their experiences and also to share some of ours. Our biggest successes are born from engagement, clear planning, and open communication.

Tyromer operates two facilities, one in Canada and one in Europe, to produce Tire Derived Polymer, TDP. TDP is a 100% recycled rubber master batch compound used in tires, molding, conveyors, and other applications. It is a versitile, functional material that offers a balance of low cost and high performance.

Typically TDP can be used in significantly higher percentages compared to traditional recycled products such as reclaimed rubber or micronized rubber powder. TDP has already been used at the ~20% addition level in the tire industry over 5 years.

Tyromer Europe Production is located in Arnhem, The Netherlands. This plant is demonstrating Tyromer’s process in the European market. It is also one of Tyromer’s R&D centers and an Engineering and Project Management Center for European Licencee projects, building complete production factories in conformity with Tyromer’s concept.