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VM Building Solutions

VM Building Solutions stands as a leading European supplier in EPDM sealing membranes, offering a comprehensive array of products specifically designed for roofing and facade applications. Our focus extends across West Europe, with a strong emphasis on the Benelux region and France. Each year, we successfully distribute 5 million square meters of EPDM membranes, translating to over 100 million square meters of robust, waterproof roofs and facades.

Our expertise as a wholesaler of EPDM rubber products forms the cornerstone of our operations. This technical know-how allows us to collaborate effectively with roofers, architects, and builders, providing them with tailored support for both new constructions and renovation projects from start to finish.

While our primary focus is on EPDM products, we also excel in the production of high-quality zinc solutions for construction purposes. This aspect of our business, operating under the VMZINC brand, compliments our EPDM offerings, ensuring a comprehensive range of solutions for our clients.

At VM Building Solutions, our commitment is to work alongside you, offering support and seamless solutions, making your project a resounding success. Trust us to be your dedicated partner in delivering high-quality, durable EPDM roofing and facade solutions.