Martin von Wolfersdorff



, Netherlands

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Wolfersdorff Consulting

Martin von Wolfersdorff, trading as “Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin” is an EASC coach & expert consultant specialising in tire-to-tire recycling and recovered carbon black. Martin is the founder of the Smithers recovered Carbon Black Conference, the biggest global forum for tire pyrolysis and recovered carbon black.

The consultancy has been in operation since 2014. We have worked in the entire color space, from white (titanium dioxide pigments with Huntsman / Venator Materials), over custom colors (thermoplastic masterbatch with Americhem) to black (carbon black with Cabot Corp.).

Our passion is for recovered carbon black and other sustainable carbon blacks such as methane pyrolysis carbon blacks, circular carbon blacks and renewable carbon blacks.

Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin works with small technology start-ups and large corporations alike. Our reference brand-owner clients include BASF, Bridgestone, Danone, Decathlon, Hutchinson, Ineos, Michelin, Mitsubishi, Trelleborg and more.