Circular Rubber Platform.

The online knowledge and networking platform on rubber circularity.

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Circular Rubber Platform
These companies accelerate the transition towards a circular rubber economy.

The Circular Rubber Platform is an online community
that addresses the need for a Circular Rubber Economy.


Rubber and it’s ingredients are mostly petroleum-based, and rubber waste is hard to recycle.

Biobased alternative materials and recycling technology are on it’s way, but hard to find or implement.


Lowering rubber waste production by design, and recovery of resources afterwards.

Making the use of biobased and recovered ingredients so easy, it becomes the new standard.



By raising awareness for rubber circularity, and facilitating networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

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  • Knowledge center,
  • Presenting solutions.

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Our definition of a circular rubber economy.

Design for longevity
and recycling

Creating products that last, to use them longer and need less of them. Design for Recycling means that materials are easily separated for high quality recycled materials. 

Use of biobased and recovered raw materials

To lower dependency on finite materials, but also to lower the carbon footprint of the material at production, during use and after disposal.

Recovery of materials
from "waste'

Instead of landfilling rubber waste, or burning it. Material can be reshaped, micronized, devulcanized or pyrolysed to use the recovered materials back into new products.

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Future ambitions

We will continue to develop the following elements:

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