The Circular Rubber Platform inspires you how to go circular with rubber. We will present recycled or biobased raw materials, and companies that offer services toward a sustainable rubber industry.

We are currently setting up this platform, so:

Circularity in the rubber industry is challenging, so where to start?

We learned from


pioneering companies         

what processes recycle different types of rubber and what recycled- and biobased raw materials are readily available on the market. Now we want companies to be more proactive in sharing their services and share this with engineers all over the world!

The Circular Rubber Platform paves the way to a circular rubber economy by

  • inspiring with successful applications of recovered or biobased materials,
  • increasing the visibility of sustainable material, practice and machinery,
  • simplifying the search for circular collaboration partners,
  • supporting material development and application of circular materials.
We do this by:
  • Showcasing biobased and recovered rubber raw materials, services and machinery,
  • Organizing networking events for collaboration towards circularity,
  • Connecting industry requests with industry experts on circular material application.
  • Get inspired by novel materials for your next project
  • Find the nearest supplier 
  • Get the contact person for requesting samples
  • Get support from industry experts on application of circular material application
  • Market sustainable materials, services or machinery to our specific audience
  • Make use of the global reach of the platform (500+ contacts in 37 countries)
  • Quickly connect to other companies for circular practice collaborations

The platform will launch 2024,
join the pre-launch group now!

Join the community

A network of likeminded engineers, service- and production companies, active in making more sustainable rubber materials. See what they offer and connect right away.

Get inspired

We give lectures on Design for Circularity. On the platform you will find innovative technology, new materials or join our networking events.

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material lists 

Starting June 2024, our members can upload their  services, recycled and biobased raw materials and additives, like activated powder, rCB, decrosslinked compounds, biobased EPDM. 

Apply sustainable rubber materials!

Start using sustainable materials in your next project that you found on the platform, or ask our consulting members to support you in compound development.

Our roll-out plan


Join our networking events and request a guest lecture to be informed about sustainability in the rubber industry.

For organizing a seminar, contact us.

Sustainable company list

Find the overview of our members and view their contribution towards rubber circularity

Would you like to join, or add your company? Click here!

Estimated launch January 2024

Material Podium

From June 2024 you can view readily available recycled or biobased rubber compounds, polymers or additives.

We currently collect datasheets and connect with website builders. For uploading your material, join our platform here!

Research portal

From June 2024, you can access our portal for all research documentation regarding recycling of rubber materials.

We currently collect research documentation and connect with other libraries. Contact us if you have your favorite already!

Market Place

Upload your supply or demand for recycled material streams. visibility of waste stream size and make it interesting to recycle.

We can use an existing platform, and we are currently collect stakeholders that want to trial.

Contact us to participate in the pilot group.

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